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About Me

My name is Lasha Orzechowski. I’m a professional photographer specializing in corporate, family and travel photography.

I graduated over 20 years ago from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Fine Arts - majoring in Design and Photography. I ran a branding agency for a decade, sold it and decided to travel the world. I picked up my camera, dusted it off and traveled throughout North America, South America, Africa, Europe and home again. This experience changed everything for me. It made me realize how precious our life is, and how we need to connect more with the people in our lives.

Photography is special because it allows me to share people's most cherished moments. This is often a family event, a baby shoot, their children playing, their engagement and even their business that they love and are passionate about. I'm honored to capture these moments.

I want to create special memories that people can look back on and smile. It's a way that I can connect with people, and give them something that they truly value above all other possessions - memories of their lives and the people they care most about.

Metatrove is a multi-discipline agency that works in app development, design, all aspects of branding and photography. Please visit the links below for more information:

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